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Loma is a tiny town surrounded by farmland in Grand Valley of western Colorado. The Colorado River passes by a couple miles to the south, at the point where it flows out of Grand Valley and enters Horsethief Canyon. Scenic cliffs and mountains border the valley in that direction a portion of which have been set aside as Colorado National Monument.

Loma is not incorporated, and a population figure is not available, but it wouldn't be more than a couple hundred. New subdivision indicate that there is significant growth in the area, probably as a getaway for people working in nearby Grand Junction. Interstate 70 passes by Loma, and U.S. Highway 6 and State Highway 139 form the main intersection in town. U.S. Highway 6 parallels the freeway, running east and west through Grand Valley. State Highway 139 begins at the freeway, heading north into the mountains north of Grand Valley.

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