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Dinosaur is located in the deserts of western Colorado, just a few miles from the Utah border. The surrounding desert is too arid for farming, although cattle are grazed, and rich oil and gas reserves are found nearby. The country is very hilly, and becomes more mountainous to the north. Sagebrush, junipers and cedars are the dominant vegetation. A variety of trees have been cultivated in the city, setting it off from the surrounding landscape. The elevation is a lofty 5,900 feet, and it sits on a hill overlooking the country to the east, south and northwest. The dramatic Stuntz Ridge is visible to the northwest.

Dinosaur used to be named Artesia, but was renamed in 1966 to capitalize on its proximity to Dinosaur National Monument. The streets have been renamed with dinosaur names, and several dinosaur statues can be found along the main roads. The monument headquarters are just a few miles east of town.

The population of Dinosaur is 319, as of the year 2000. It sits at the intersection of U.S. Highway 40 and Colorado Highway 64. State Highway 64 leads southeast to Dinosaur's larger neighbor Rangely.

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