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Cliff Canyon

There are 40 cliff dwellings in this 2-mile-long canyon. From
here a number of different ones can be seen but only a few are
pointed out. See if you can spot some more.

1. House of Many Windows. Cowboys named this
village for the "windows," which are actually doors. Access to
these rooms, either up the cliff or down, was hazardous.

2. This Unnamed Cliff Dwelling had about 16 rooms.
4 on the narrow ledge, and a kiva and other rooms at the base
of the cliff.

3. Sun Point Cliff Dwelling. Of the original 10 rooms
built on this ledge only one remains intact.

4. Sun Temple. You can visit this large ceremonial building
on the other loop road.

Sunset House. Directly below you and to your right is a
village of 35 rooms and 4 kivas.

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